Install & Connect ELD

ELDs are installed within minutes


Managing logs has never been easier.


Paper-free DVIRs save time for drivers.

Driving with ELD

  • Once ELD connected, your driving time will be captured automatically.

  • Once your vehicle is moving at 5 mph or more, your duty status is switched to Driving.

  • Your logs and others features are not available while in Driving mode due to safety reasons.

  • Once your vehicle is stopped, you may change your duty status by tapping on the status circle. The app will remind you to make a selection in 5 minutes. If no selection is made, your duty status will be switched to On Duty.

Duty Status

Set duty status with just two-clicks. Status is updated automatically when driving starts or stops, Easy-to-use interface allows drivers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time driving. ELD simplifies training and prevents log errors.

Easy to Use & to Navigate

Driver-friendly ELD Logbook interface.

Compliance Dashboard

Make sure your drivers stay compliant and productive.

Driver Details

Everything about the driver in one place.


Make sure your drivers stay compliant and productive.

Log Details

Log form and events.

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